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Trademark Registration

Are you looking to expand your business globally or have a product/service that appeals to international markets? There are numerous advantages to registering a company in the USA from India. While such opportunities can be highly profitable, they come with their own set of challenges. But fear not, you can turn your dreams into reality with us! Establish a global business by incorporating a company in the USA from India, all without the hassle of boring paperwork. Simply submit your documents online, and we'll help you legally register your company in the USA, without any headaches or worries about USA business visas.

Understanding Trademark Registration in India

To apply for trademark registration online, you can follow these steps:

  1. Seek Professional Assistance: It is recommended to seek the help of experienced professionals to navigate the trademark registration process.

  2. Comprehensive Trademark Search: Before applying for a trademark, conduct a thorough search to ensure the chosen trademark is unique and not already in use by others.

  3. Feasibility Report: Professionals can provide a detailed feasibility report on your trademark to assess its chances of successful registration.

  4. Design a Unique Business Logo: If needed, professionals can help you design a unique business logo that aligns with your brand and is suitable for trademark protection.

Why Register Your Business Trademark?

Registering your business trademark is essential because a unique brand logo is a valuable asset that helps customers easily identify your products or services among competitors. It protects your brand from misuse or duplication by others, ensuring you maintain ownership and enjoy the benefits of brand recognition.

Difference between ™ and ® Symbol:

Difference between Trademark, Copyright, and Patent:

  1. Trademark: Protects symbols, phrases, logos, and other identifiers that represent a brand.

  2. Copyright: Protects original literary and artistic works, such as books, music, and artwork.

  3. Patent: Grants the patent owner the exclusive right to commercialize an invention.

How to Perform a Trademark Search Online:

To check trademark availability, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Government trademark search portal.

  2. Enter the words or phrases you want to search.

  3. Press Search to check if similar trademarks exist.

Can You Register the Same Trademark for Different Kinds of Business?

Yes, you can register the same trademark for different types of business activities. There are 45 different trademark classes, and you can apply for registration in multiple classes based on the nature of your business activities.

How to register Trademark Online Process:

  1. Upload the required documents and information on the web portal.

  2. Choose a package and make an online payment.

  3. Preliminary check of trademark uniqueness.

  4. Prepare trademark application and obtain applicant signature.

  5. Submit the trademark registration online application.

  6. Receive acknowledgment and track the status of the trademark application.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration Online:

  1. Brand Logo: A logo in JPEG or PNG format that you want to protect.

  2. Nature of Business: A brief description of your business activity to identify the correct trademark class.

  3. Identity Proof of Applicant: Any valid identity proof document of the trademark applicant.

  4. Address of Applicant: Complete address details of the trademark applicant.

Types of Trademarks That Can Be Registered in India:

  1. Word Marks: Made up of one or a few words or combinations of words.

  2. Logos: Consist of a figure or shape with or without words.

  3. Colors: Specific colors applied to a trademark.

  4. 3D Marks: Three-dimensional trademarks.

  5. Sound Marks: Sound representations of a brand.

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